Aremania Moment Asks Police Not to Shoot Tear Gas in Kanjuruhan - Footage after video showing the moments of the Kanjuruhan Tragedy in Malang, East Java, last Saturday (1/10) night continued to circulate.

Now a viral video showing a supporter of the Arema FC or Aremania football team named Yohanes pleading with the police not to use tear gas at the stands at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang. Aremania reasoned that there were also many small children and women in the stands.

Aremania Moment Asks Police Not to Shoot Tear Gas in Kanjuruhan

However, Yohanes's request was met with police yells. He was also forced off the field because he was considered to have rioted the stadium.

"Sir, don't, sir... tear gas, sir, there are many children, sir," he told a police officer in the field in a video footage obtained by

Then another policeman appeared who shouted at him and called it a riot, "Get out, you get out!"

"Yeah I'm out, I'm out," said Yohannes.

In addition to being yelled at, Yohanes also admitted that he received a beating from the authorities after submitting the request.

Another Aremania, Eko Prianto also admitted that he received a rejection from the authorities when he asked for help in evacuating victims who were lying down due to overcrowding. Eko said that he wanted to be beaten by officers in uniform when he asked for help.

"I ran to the security forces, officers from the TNI-Polri. First I asked the police for help. They didn't want to, they were afraid that something might happen," said Eko to in Malang, Monday (3/10).

"The officers who wore striped clothes were also refused, I even wanted to be beaten by him while saying 'my friend yo onok sing kenek cok'," added Eko.

He said that that night at gates 13 and 14, he saw many victims, mostly women and children lying around. The positions of the victims, said Eko, were stacked on top of each other.

Eko also took the initiative to force open Gate 13 by all means. But the attempt was unsuccessful because the door was only partially open.

"At gate 13, that's where the mass graves of my friends, Aremania, are located. I'm not strong, Mas," said Eko, testifying.

This tragedy began when a number of Arema FC supporters took to the field because they were disappointed that their team was defeated by Persebaya with a score of 2-3. The officers then secured and escorted the players and officials back to the locker room.

At the same time, the officers tried to disperse the crowd in the field, one of them using tear gas. Based on the testimonies - as well as the video circulating - tear gas was fired into the stands.

The fans in the stands panicked, so they jostled to get out of the stadium. In the midst of the panic, many spectators experienced shortness of breath, fell, and were trampled to death.

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